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The Concept of Comfort

Sachem Rock is committed to the development of investment strategies to achieve lifetime financial objectives that result in Client “Comfort”.  The concept of “Comfort” is integral to our investment and risk mitigation approach with our clients.


com· fort /ˈkəmfərt/ – (Noun) A state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.


The achievement and maintenance of each Client in the “Comfort Zone” is the paramount or key objective of Sachem Rock for each of our Clients at all times.

Sachem Rock develops the type and selection of the specific investments, the portfolio composition, and risk mitigation techniques employed through an upfront evaluation called a Comprehensive Client Profile with each of our Clients.  Our firm recognizes that every Client is unique, and every Client portfolio must be developed to satisfy a unique set of Client characteristics. So Sachem Rock’s approach to each of its Clients is highly customized.

Sachem Rock also endeavors to select assets and develop investment portfolios within the parameters of Client risk tolerance and understanding.  Yes, even understanding, because if our Clients do not understand the risks, then it is impossible to achieve comfort.  The common cliché for this state is “fear of the unknown.”

Client surveys indicate that investment advisors are not measured by long run investment returns alone.  Surveys for the investment advisory industry indicate that customer service is measured by the quality of the communication; its responsiveness, frequency, and effectiveness.  The quality of Client Communication is a key factor to produce the level of Client understanding that leads to a sense of ongoing day to day “comfort” with the overall investment strategy, portfolio composition, and the individual assets in the long run.

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