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Sachem Rock’s approach to its Clients is flexible based on our Value Discipline of “Customer Intimacy”.  The key characteristics of this Value Discipline are flexibility, and development and support of long term or lifetime Client relationships.

So, in other words, Sachem Rock seeks to achieve a high degree of flexibility in our approach to the Client so that we can fulfill the needs of the investor over the full term of their investing lives, and we can accommodate a wide spectrum of investor styles and preferences.

We want to develop a relationship based on a fee and service structure that works best for our Clients. If you do not see what you need here, call us, we will meet, and design a program that works for you.


We offer Clients with over $250,000 in investable assets a fee structure based on the value of assets under management (AUM).  This is a comprehensive program providing services covering the complete process of developing, executing, monitoring, and modifying an appropriate and effective Client investment strategy over the long term.

Under the AUM fee structure at Sachem Rock, an investor places their investment funds with a custodian.  The Sachem Rock investment adviser representative buys and sells securities, develops portfolio composition, monitors performance, and makes changes as necessary for a predetermined annual fee based on the percentage of the amount of assets under advisement.

Sachem Rock’s current minimum initial deposit for all AUM account Clients is $250,000, however, we may accept lower initial account deposits solely at the adviser’s discretion.

Sachem Rock’s fee compensation for the AUM Program is a .25% setup fee for account deposits up to a $250,000 maximum plus 1% per annum billed quarterly in arrears on the account balance as of the last trading day of each quarter.

Under an AUM program, Clients can elect either a Discretionary or Non-Discretionary Account Agreement.

Discretionary Account Agreement – the Sachem Rock investment adviser has preapproved authority to execute transactions on the account without having to ask for specific approval from the investor.

Non-Discretionary Account Agreement – the Sachem Rock investment adviser must have pre-approved authority specific to each transaction from the investor before a transaction may be executed, except as to the timing of the transaction and the price.  Time and price discretion is limited to one day according to State and Federal Regulations unless reflected on the Order Ticket.

We provide free Financial Planning Services for AUM Clients with account values of $250,000 or more.

As part of Sachem Rock’s program for our AUM Clients, we provide an initial comprehensive Financial Plan as a key aspect of our Comprehensive Client Financial Profile at no additional cost. Follow-up financial planning services and risk tolerance assessments are also provided at no additional cost based on material changes to our Client’s financial condition, lifestyles, or financial outlook.


The process of developing and executing a successful strategy to achieve Client financial goals and objectives includes the following key elements:

I. Comprehensive Financial Profile

i. Risk Tolerance Assessment
ii. Financial Plan (Client Cash Flow Analysis/Financial Goals and Objectives)

II. Develop Investment Strategy/Portfolio Parameters & Composition/Select Initial Investment Assets

III. Monitor Asset and Portfolio Performance

IV. Portfolio/Asset Balancing and Reallocation

Sachem Rock offers an Assets Under Advisement (“AUA”) or Hourly Fee Program for Clients who would prefer to manage their own accounts, or have less than $250,000 in investable assets.

Under the AUA Program, Sachem Rock can provide comprehensive or specific services to fulfill individual Client needs. The only difference to the Client is the day to day execution of asset/portfolio transactions are performed by the Client, and the fee to Sachem Rock is calculated based on the time actual time expended on the Client account.

Sachem Rock can develop the Comprehensive Financial Profile, including complete Financial Planning Services. We can make individual asset recommendations as to the appropriate initial investments, and develop portfolio composition, as well as conduct follow-up meetings, as the Client deems necessary, to evaluate ongoing portfolio performance, recommend changes, and conduct portfolio management activities such as re-balancing to maintain appropriate asset allocations.

Services provided to our Clients under this Program are all billed on an hourly basis. The current hourly rate is $195 per hour due and payable upon delivery of services (receipt).

Another support program for investors who want to manage their own accounts and are solely interested in Buy, Hold, and Sell recommendations without a Comprehensive Financial Profile (evaluation of Client financial condition, financial goals, objectives, and risk tolerance) or Portfolio Monitoring and Management Services, can subscribe to our annual Retail Equity Subscription Program.

The cost for this Equity Subscription Service is currently $1,995 per annum billed monthly in advance payable through automatic charges to PayPal, bank account debit (ACH), or credit card. Read more here on this exciting new program.

Please understand that the scope of our services is subject to sound financial and risk management practices in addition to regulatory limitations.

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